The Suncoast’s Top Rated Solar Energy Provider

Formed in 1977, Mirasol Solar is the most established solar company in Florida. The Mirasol staff has over 250 years of combined solar experience. We are the energy efficiency leaders on the Suncoast Florida. We got our start in solar water heating, then added solar pool heating and automation to our offerings. Since then, we have added solar electric (photovoltaic) systems, solar attic fans and battery storage. We offer the largest array of solar solutions of any Florida solar company.

Going Solar
Solar Battery Storage
Solar Pool Heating
Solar Water Heating
Solar Attic Fan


Why 20,000+ Households Agree On Mirasol Solar!

  1. Family Owned and Operated for 44 Years
  2. SunPower Elite Dealer- PV and Battery Backup
  3. Fafco Legacy Dealer- Pool Heating and Cool PV
  4. Tesla Certified Installer- Battery Backup and Car Charging
  5. Sonnen Batterie Gold Dealer- Battery backup
  6. We Make “Solar” Easy to Understand
  7. “Our Exclusive Pool Temperature Guarantee!”
  8. Exceptional Customer Service with a Dedicated Service Dept.
  9. Impeccable Installations- Attested to by Our Customers
  10. American Manufacturers
Energy at Its Best