We are very proud to have been featured in Aspioneer’s recent issue, Most Innovative Solar Companies. Mirasol Solar was in good company with others who are making a difference in sustainable energy throughout the country. Below is a snippet from the article:

Mirasol Solar. Better Present. Secure Future.

Increased consumption of energy is a problem the world has been facing for decades. Having drawn attention globally, it has been worrying every nation what their energy future is going to be like and how it can be controlled.

Having sensed the ever-increasing energy needs of the future world, Founders John Lambie and Scott Egglefield launched Mirasol Solar in collaboration to Southern Insulation Co. in 1977. A visionary decision in itself, it was a revolutionary move as the impact exploding population was going to have on the existing energy resources was beyond human understanding and had to be curbed. As the ’80s were near, preparing for the future was more than crucial.

Since the launch of Mirasol, they have been working on creating solar products that would fulfill the energy needs of the future and also protect the ecological structure of the planet. For the last 44 years, Mirasol has been relentlessly working towards its goal of protecting nature by empowering people to harness the real unrealized potential of solar energy. Having taken the oath to preserve the beautiful world for coming generations Mirasol through its products, has been lighting up homes and enlightening people. “With an experience of 4 decades, Mirasol Solar is a leader in solar energy solutions for residential and commercial customers,” affirms Vice President and owner Scott Egglefield.

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