Refer A Friend And Everyone Wins!

Start earning money with Mirasol Solar by submitting your friends/family below. When they make the awesome decision to save with solar, you’ll receive a $500 reward for each sold solar electric referral and $200 for each sold solar pool heating referral.

Please Submit Each Referral Independently Using The Form Below! Need help? Call Us!

Per Sold Solar Electric Referral
Per Sold Solar Pool Heating Referral

    STEP 1: Who Are You?

    Make sure to fill out your information, so we know who to make out the check to!

    STEP 2: Who Is Your Friend?

    Please provide as much information as possible, so we can help your friend switch to solar and save thousands on their utility bills!

    Large beachfront home with solar panels installed on the roof, surrounded by palm trees and a clear blue ocean backdrop.


    1. Sale must be generated from your referral.
    2. Call your referral to Mirasol, complete it, and mail your referral slip to Mirasol.
    3. Mirasol must set the sales appointment.
    4. Your referral will not qualify if it is a lead of record.
      A lead of record is where the customer set his own appointment and the lead is recorded in our lead book. Do not have your referral call Mirasol. It will be treated as a lead of record and you will not be eligible to earn a referral fee.
    5. Your referral must purchase a Mirasol system within 60 days of the sales appointment.
    6. Upon installation of the system, Mirasol will mail you a referral check for $100 OR issue you a credit of $200 towards Mirasol Solar services (at your discretion).