Our environment’s emission levels are no joke and of course we’re aware of that. Alternative solutions and new evolving technology are being created and sought out every day to help us towards the goal of an eventual carbon-neutral world. As a lot of current climate solutions are developed at a national level, one of the most prominent solutions for transportation has been produced at a worldwide level.

Electric Vehicles have seen the biggest manufacturer boom in history within the past few years. With buyback programs, affordable pricing, and government incentives to help citizens go green, the purchasing rate of EV’s have skyrocketed throughout the world. The total market share has increased to 11.8% as of 2021 and is predicted to continue to rise within 2022.

With Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan, he has made sure the transition to green transportation within the US comes easy. Apart of the $1 trillion overall plan, $5 billion will be towards green infrastructure which includes the installation of high voltage chargers along the major highways in the U.S. Another $2.5 billion will go towards making EV’s more accessible for all Americans and creating more state tax incentives that will help customers with the purchase of a new electric vehicle. This plan provides many opportunities for the future of green transportation while also creating thousands of green jobs. As Biden put it, “We’re seeing the beginnings of an American manufacturing comeback.”

As transportation is a necessity to daily lives, creating green alternatives that can reduce our carbon emissions is just as important. It has been stated by the U.S. Department of Energy that all-electric EV’s produce zero direct emissions. So, when you’re looking for your next car, go electric! The resources are there for you so take advantage of those buyback programs and tax incentives to make the switch to green an affordable experience for you.

And when you go EV, the best way to keep it charged and ready to roll, is EV charging supplied by your own solar electric system.