In the past, there was only one answer to the question: What is the best way to install solar panels? In the northern hemisphere, this is facing the south. In most cases, the sun rises directly above the equator, so the south-facing solar panels have the best opportunity to collect more sunlight and produce more solar energy. But every solar installation is unique because every home has a different relative location to the sun. 

The secret is not only to collect the maximum amount of sunlight but also to install the solar panels in a way that helps homeowners save the most on their electricity bills. The southern orientation of the solar panels collects most of the energy at noon, when there is a lot of sunlight. But it also happens when home consumption is usually less because everyone goes to work, school, etc. This means there is plenty of excess solar energy to return to the power company. Not all homes face south and there are many other variables that affect the solar panels. Your contractor will first check your home for shade. Other structures, such as taller buildings, can block sunlight from entering the solar panels.

A house oriented in a less than optimal direction or with a solar barrier may still generate solar energy, but the amount may be less than that of a southern-facing roof with no barriers. Your solar consultant will help plan the solar array that will give the most energy with the lowest number of panels—and will help plan for future needs.

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