The sun is the most abundant source of energy, but how do we use it to create electricity that powers your water heater, living room lights and oven? How exactly do solar panels work? How is the electricity created? [Company Name] is here to help you understand the process of converting sunlight into renewable energy, so you can double your knowledge and your savings

Simply put, a SunPower PV Solar System is composed of solar panels that use photons or particles of light, to separate electrons from atoms. In doing this, electrons begin to flow through a circuit to generate electricity. The solar panels collect sunlight, then inverters convert solar power to usable electricity and finally the electricity is used in your home! 

The left-over electricity goes back to the grid where it is measured by the net meter. And depending on your state or county, that power is either ‘purchased’ or ‘credited’ to you for use when the 

Now that you know the science behind it, it’s time to start saving with Mirasol Solar!