Mirasol Solar, a Sarasota based solar company has recently launched a new website that highlights their commercial solar electricity solutions for Suncoast customers. Whether the solution is roof mount, solar canopy, or ground mount, Mirasol provides comprehensive solar system consultations, designs, engineering, and installations for all types of commercial projects.

As one of America’s oldest and most experienced solar energy companies, Mirasol brings deep knowledge and commitment to its customers. The commercial solar solutions they offer give businesses lower and stable energy costs long into the future. Mirasol guides commercial customers through the process to lower energy costs, finance their system, and capitalize on incentives and rebates.

While the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and 1-Year, 100% Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) have been important drivers in reducing costs for companies going solar, many other rebates and incentives exist for state, municipal, and utility levels. 

Recently, Florida Public Services Commission approved Demand-Side Management (DSM) plans and programs. Depending on the parameters put forth by the different Utility Companies the following load management programs may be of excellent benefit for businesses. Commercial Demand Reduction (CDR) is a load management program that reduces system peak demand during capacity shortfalls or system emergencies. 

By reducing power usage during these periods, CDR helps delay the need for expensive, new power plants while providing participating businesses with the opportunity to substantially reduce their electric bill through monthly credits. Mirasol’s engineers will design systems to help reduce usage and demand fees from the grid so that customers can benefit from these incentives whenever possible.

“This is a time of great opportunity for going solar,” stated Damon Egglefield, President of Mirasol Solar. “The right partner, like Mirasol Solar, can help businesses assemble the most advantageous combination of incentives, financing and investors to help them achieve the maximum benefits and value from their solar project.”

Visit the new commercial section of our website HERE to learn more about the company and its solar solutions. Try our brand-new Solar Calculator to get an idea of how much you’ll save!