Project Description

Project: Bradenton, FL

Category: Residential PVT System

Description: In 2016, Mirasol FAFCO Solar installed a CoolPV system on a  Florida residence owned by Mr. Pollard. Pollard’s system is  comprised of forty, 275 Watt CoolPV panels. In the first year, the system produced 18 MWh of electricity. Additonally, 31 MWh of thermal energy was produced to heat his swimming pool. The system produces 12% more electricity per year than estimated with a standalone PV system.

Benefits for the Earth: 13.7 Metric Tons of CO2 Saved , 15,000 Pounds of Coal Burned Saved, 16 Equivalent Acres of U.S. Forest.

Notable Details: Mirasol Solar installed 40, 275 Watt CoolPV Panels.

Total Solar Energy System Size

Total System Size

57.8 kW / 40 CoolPV Panels

Annual Electricity Output Total

Annual Output

18,400 kWh AC

25 Year Savings Amount

25 Years Savings