Project Description

Project: South East Venice, FL

Category: Residential Solar PV Electric and Solar Pool Heating

Description: “We Are Enjoying The Best of Both Worlds.”  We wanted to eliminate our electric bill and enjoy the Florida Lifestyle. The pool area is always the most expensive room in the house, and we wanted to use it as much as possible. Mirasol Solar installed the “Total Package” for us. It included a Solar PV Electric System and an Automatic Solar Pool Heating System.  The electric bill is zero, and the pool is Amazing now, so much more enjoyable than before!

Benefits for the Earth: 9,418 trees planted, 861 barrels of oil not consumed, 79 vehicles taken off the road.

Notable Details: Mirasol Solar installed 30- SunPower 360-watt PV Electric Panels and 7-Fafco 4 x 12 Sunsaver Panels

Total Solar Energy System Size

Total System Size

10.8 kW DC / 37 Panels

Annual Electricity Output Total

Annual Output

21,265 kWh AC

25 Year Savings Amount

25 Years Savings