Project Description

Project: South Venice, FL

Category: Residential

Description: “I Am Enjoying Saving My FPL Money.” Over the years I saw my electric bill go from $80 to $140 for the same monthly usage. “Solar Dave” designed a system using Solar Hot Water, Solar PV Electric and a Solar Attic fan (that reduced my attic temperature almost 40 degrees) which helped my A/C system run less. Going Solar with Mirasol Solar was Awesome! Having good credit allowed me to make no payments for two years…hands down a great deal!

Benefits for the Earth: 8,203 trees planted, 744 barrels of oil not consumed, 67 vehicles taken off the road.

Notable Details: 20- SunPower 360 watt PV Electric Panels

Total Solar Energy System Size

Total System Size

7.2 kW DC / 20 Panels

Annual Electricity Output Total

Annual Output

11,323 kWh AC

25 Year Savings Amount

25 Years Savings