Mirasol Solar Founder and Vice President Scott Egglefield was inducted into the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association Solar Hall of Fame at the recent FlaSEIA Solar Summit in Sarasota, Florida, this week.

The award was presented for Egglefields’s contribution to the solar industry as a previous member of the FlaSEIA Board of Directors Executive Committee from 2006–2022. Scott’s work to educate the public and businesses about the benefits of solar for water and pool heating as well as solar PV began in 1974 when he joined the family business, Southern Insulation 1974, and his career in solar has spanned nearly 50 years.

“As a very strong advocate of solar for most of my lifetime, I am proud to receive this lifetime achievement award on behalf of our family-owned business, Mirasol Solar,” stated Scott Egglefield. “Our Mirasol team has been dedicated to bringing sustainable energy to homes and commercial projects since 1977, helping Florida and the country become less dependent on the utility grid.”

Scott’s other accomplishments range from bringing solar pool heating and water distilling as well as PV Billboards and lighting to the Florida coastline. He has been the President and Person of the Year for the Florida Swimming Pool Association. His dedication to clean, renewable solar energy runs deep.