Shopping for solar? It can be confusing. There are so many solar panels out there, each one promises something different  — better results, lower prices, or better aesthetics. But what are the factors should you really weigh when evaluating which solar provider to choose. We think it comes down to these 3 things – efficiency, durability, and warranty.


SunPower® solar panels are widely known to be the most efficient on the market. That’s because unlike most conventional solar cells, their solar cells are unobstructed by metal gridlines across the top. So, there are greater areas of open space for each solar cell’s light-trapping surface to absorb visible light rays, as well as ultraviolet and infrared light.

SunPower also uses back contact technology so that all of the wires that carry the electricity from each cell in the solar panel are placed on the back,  eliminating shading and helps them generate more energy, even in less than idea weather. SunPower’s technology and strategic design give their panels the ability to harvest more sunlight than conventional solar panels.


In addition to their efficiency, SunPower solar panels were designed with durability in mind. Their solar cells have a strong copper backing that is resistant to corrosion and weathering. Why is this important? Because solar panels sit on rooftops subjected to harsh temperature and weather changes. Exposure to the elements causes all solar panels to degrade over time. However, the rate of degradation varies significantly from one solar panel provider to another. For a conventional solar panel, this reduction of power output happens at an average rate of 0.5% each year. But a SunPower solar panel degrades much more slowly at only 0.25% each year, illustrating just how durable SunPower panels are.


When it comes to the warranty, you need to look beyond the number of years it covers. Some solar companies have warranties that only cover the materials but not the loss of power production. Or they use parts from different manufacturers to complete a solar system, leaving the homeowner with multiple warranties to sort through. SunPower offers the Complete Confidence Warranty with coverage spanning both power and product. SunPower is the only company that stands behind the entire solar system, not just the panels. In the rare likelihood that something does go wrong, you only need to contact one company to fix the issue – SunPower.

They don’t just stop at the product. SunPower guarantees that your panels won’t lose more than 8% of their original DC power output in 25 years. Conventional solar providers only guarantee no more loss than 19%. The winner is clear. 

When deciding which solar panels are right for your home, and what company can deliver those panels, let us show you more!

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