Our Commitment To Our Community

We want to make a positive impact on the world by caring for our neighbors and our community, helping to provide education, and supporting local businesses and organizations that consistently make a real difference in people’s lives!

Community means a lot to us, and giving back is part of that commitment to serve our neighbors! Without our neighbors (our customers) and their continued support and referrals, we would not have had our success. And that is what ignites our desire to serve.

Charities We Support

Wounded Warrior Project logo featuring a silhouette of a soldier carrying another soldier with the text

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, wound, or co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001, and their families.

With the mission to honor and empower Wounded Warrior, WWP is the hand extended to encourage warriors as they adjust to their new normal and achieve new triumphs. Offering a variety of programs and services, WWP is equipped to serve warriors with every type of injury, from the physical to the invisible wounds of war.

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Katie's Krops logo features illustrations of vegetables including cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes, with the text

The idea for Katie’s Krops began with a 9-year-old girl and a 40-pound cabbage. Katie made the decision to start vegetable gardens and donate the harvest to help feed those in need after seeing how many people could benefit from the donation of fresh produce to soup kitchens.

Katie’s Krops is a 501c3 nonprofit. The mission of Katie’s Krops is to empower youth to start and maintain vegetable gardens of all sizes and donate the harvest to help feed people in need, as well as to assist and inspire others to do the same.
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4Ocean logo with the text 4ocean was founded on the belief that business can be a force for good and that the single actions of individual people, collectively, have the power to change the world. 4Ocean is a global movement actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time.

The professional, full-time captains and crews recover harmful marine debris that’s already polluting the ocean; they also work to stop plastic pollution at its source by educating people about this global crisis and empowering them to end their dependence on single-use plastic.

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Sadie Keller Foundation for Childhood Cancer logo with a yellow heart outline and elegant cursive text that reads

“I know how hard it is to fight cancer as a child, first hand. My mission for the Sadie Keller Foundation is to put a smile on the faces of children fighting cancer all over the country and remind them to keep fighting by giving them special gifts, to raise awareness for childhood cancer, and to make a HUGE impact.”
Sadie Keller, age 11

Sadie has lobbied members of Congress and helped with the passage of the Creating Hope Act, RACE for Children Act, and the STAR Act. She continues to tirelessly fight for awareness, funding, and hope on behalf of children across the nation.

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Reef Ball Foundation logo features a stylized green and blue circular icon with abstract shapes on the left and bold text that reads

The Reef Ball Foundation is an international non-profit foundation whose mission is to rehabilitate and protect our world’s ocean ecosystems through the development and use of ecologically sound-designed reefs and related systems. They emphasize ongoing research, public education, community involvement, and reefs that promote and support natural species diversity and population density.

“As a guy who has so many of my happiest memories on the water, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of something to ensure the future of the oceans and beaches for years to come.” Kenny Chesney

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Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium logo with the word

Mote is consistent with scientists, explorers, and stewards of the ocean. Focused on research and education, they work to create a better environment for ourselves and our children. They believe that the answers are in the sea. Together, we will find them.

Mote is an independent, nonprofit marine research institution comprising world-class marine scientists committed to the belief that the conservation and sustainable use of our oceans begins with research and education.

From humble beginnings in a tiny, one-room laboratory in a small Florida town, their efforts have grown to include more than 20 diverse marine research programs.

Originally focused on sharks, Mote research has expanded to include studies of human cancer using marine models, the effects of human-made and natural toxic substances on humans and the environment, the health of wild fisheries, developing sustainable and successful fish restocking techniques and food production technologies, and the development of ocean technology to help us better understand the health of the environment.

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