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Using solar panels to heat your pool helps you get the most use out of it, heating it to your desired temperature. A Solar Pool will allow you to heat your pool for free using the sun’s energy. It will work with existing pool equipment and will never run out of fuel. It is good for the environment because it will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by gas-powered pool heaters and drastically reduce the amount of electricity used to traditionally heat your pool.

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  • Legacy Dealer of FAFCO Solar Products
  • Reduce Utility Pool Heating Costs
  • Double your Swim Season
  • FAFCO Offers Hybrid Pool Heating and Electrical Panels
  • 12-Year Worry-Free Warranty
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FAFCO Solar Pool Heating

Choose FAFCO Solar, the premium provider for solar pool heating equipment

  • Keeps your pool perfectly warm most of the year, adding 15–20°F
  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate pool heating costs
  • Cool your pool water in the summer
  • Add value to your pool investment and your home
  • Protect yourself from rising energy costs
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