How It Works — Harness the Power of the Sun

The process of how solar pool heating works is straightforward. Cool pool water is pumped from your pool using the existing pool pump, through the solar panel. The water is warmed by heat collected from the sun, then is pumped back into your pool. You can maintain your desired water temperature and extended swim season.

How it Works

  • The control valve sets the desired water temperature
  • The sensor reads the temperatures and activates the system when needed
  • The pool pump pushes cold water from the pool to the solar collectors
  • Energy from the sun heats the solar panels
  • When the system is on, water channels through the solar collector absorbing the maximum heat from the sun
  • Warm water is returned to the pool for perfect swimming conditions

If you have questions or concerns regarding pool and spa automation systems, or solar panels to heat your pool in a sustainable and affordable way, contact us today!