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There is a practical way to use your solar panels for both electricity and to thermally heat your pool. With CoolPV™, you can keep your warm and make electricity by using the same solar panels.

In the past, it was necessary to choose between mounting solar panels on your roof to generate electricity or to heat your pool, but not anymore. With CoolPV™ Panels it’s not necessary to choose. As a type of hybrid system, the CoolPV™ system actually uses the water in your pool to cool down the PV panels and increase the electrical generation. At the same time, the panels send warm water back to your pool.

FAFCO CoolPV™ technology is designed to be durable, lowering your carbon footprint while keeping your pool at the ideal temperature. You can save money on your electricity bill while reducing your environmental impact and guarantee warm water in your pool.


When a solar pool heater cannot be used, we have a solution. Traditionally heating your pool can be very expensive, so most people are selective about when they heat their pool. Mirasol has a solution that saves money while giving you the more swim time: an electric heat pump. They offer a great way to heat your pool, keeping it at a comfortable temperature all the time.

Heat pumps have a lower cost of operation because of the small amount of electricity they take to function. Unlike other types of heaters, heat pumps do not employ a heating element. Instead, they collect heat from the outside air and move it to your pool. Heat pumps simply transfer existing heat from the air to your water, through a compressor.

A fan pulls outside air in and over an evaporator coil; the heat is absorbed in the coil and transferred to a compressor where it continues to gain heat. Next, the compressor transfers the heat to water passing through. And your pool water becomes heated.

Besides the lower cost and energy efficient properties, heat pumps are self-cleaning and very simple to use. They do not pollute your pool water and are made of materials that are impervious to pool chemicals. Heat pumps are convenient making a pool even more enjoyable. Take a look at our Pentair heaters and heat pumps today. (Goes to PDF?)


One of the most common ways to heat a pool and/or Spa is by using a gas heater. Mirasol has the industry leading, gas heater for you, the Max-E-Therm®.

Today’s gas heaters are more practical and efficient than older models. We can help you replace your old pool heater or find the perfect gas heater for your new pool’s needs. Control your pool’s temperature with advanced technology through a heavy-duty unit that is simple to use and maintain.

MAX-E-THERM Gas Heaters

Our Pentair gas heaters are lightweight and compact for your convenience. They are industry stand-outs due to their energy efficiency and cost savings, while also maintaining the impeccable quality and functionality. Gas heaters are simple install and are easily switched from one gas source to another. Mirasol has the right solution for you.


Composed of materials that are weather and heat resistant, our gas heaters will never rust. If you are looking for a gas heater that you can rely on to always maintain the perfect temperature of your pool, Mirasol can help you the right solution, or click here to learn more about gas heaters. [Goes to PDF)