How it Works




How Solar Water Heating Works

Utilizing solar energy to heat your water is environmentally friendly, clean and simple, and the solar panels are simple to install. A solar water heating system produces hot water with no noise, no air pollution, and no moving parts, employing a sustainable resource, the sun. It works with existing water heating systems and never runs out of fuel.

A solar water heating system can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by gas powered water heaters and drastically reduce the amount of electricity used with traditional electric water heaters that heat water in your home.

The solar hot water system is designed to operate automatically, taking advantage of solar energy when it is available. The system will turn on when solar heat can be added to the existing water heater. The solar controller will activate the circulation module pushing water up to the solar collector(s). When solar energy is unavailable or when heated water is not required, the system will turn off and all water will drain into the drain-back tank so the water cannot freeze on your roof or in your attic

The Process

  1. The sun’s energy heats the solar panels
  2. A controller operates the pump system pump water through the collector when the solar energy can be used
  3. When the system is operating, water channels through the solar collector to absorb maximum heat from the sun
  4. The circulation pump transfers the heated water from the solar panels to be stored in your hot water tank
  5. The solar heated water is available in your hot water tank for all your hot water needs